We all have treasured images of our families or moments in our life. Some of them (before digital) have not survived as well as we would have liked. PhotoFix can offer professional photo restoration, repair and retouching services. We can also scan in all your old slides and negatives or photographs, so they are digitised to survive for generations to come.

All scanned and restored images are supplied in high resolution so you can have them printed, but we can also proved appropriately sized imaged for use in Genealogy websites.  Contact us to see how we can best help you  preserve you precious images.


Scanning Services

We can digitise all you old slides, and negatives. We can scan black and white or colour, and supply them as high resolution jpgs or tiffs. Prices from as little as $0.75

Photo colour cast removal

Over years some of our most treasured photos become faded and gain a colour cast on them. We can remove this colour cast and make your image look as good as it used to. Prices from as little as $5

Photo Restoration

We can restore old damaged photos that have creases, tears, mould, water spots etc. Click on the link to see some previous restorations in more detail. Prices range from $20 to $250+